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Grace McIlvain

We Are Hiring

Welcome to McIlvain Lab! Are you interested in medical imaging research? If so, we would love to have you join us. Our lab is housed in the Department of Biomedical Engineering but we conduct research spanning from Radiology & Neuroscience to Computer Science & Mechanical Engineering 


Our goal is that all personnel will leave our lab as curious thinkers,
excellent experimentalists, and enthusiastic pursuers of big ideas.


McIlvain Lab Inclusivity Policy

We are committed to a lab culture of inclusivity and anti-discrimination. We welcome people from all backgrounds to join our team, and work to provide a safe inclusive environment for all members and guests of our lab. 

We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or unkindness from any member or guest of the lab. All harassment policies laid out by Columbia University will be strictly enforced by Dr. McIlvain.

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